Behind Borigo
About Us
News: As of May 1st, 2022, Borigo is developed and published by Heynabo! ApS (see
An App That We'll Use Ourselves
To us it's important to develop a product that we would use ourselves. To us it means a vision covering:
No ads, analyses of personal behavior and preferences or transferral of personal information to others, or transferral of the rights to your images/texts
Respect for people's attention
Clarity about what you get and what you pay for, and no commitments
Responsible and secure processing of data
Focus on usability in pleasing surroundings
At its core, the platform is designed to save paper and tediousness in your association but apart from strengthening the communication, Borigo is also designed to contribute postively to your neighbor bond, your sharing economy and provide entirely new opportunities.
The idea to Borigo originates from Mads Dreisig-Johansen who in 2009 was saddened about the internal information at his dormitory, especially the paper-based posts. He joins forces with his university classmate, Asger Norskov Bak, and together they study the challenges for the residents and other failured resident intranet attempts. They build some forerunners of Borigo which they introduce at the dormitory Tietgenkollegiet in 2010. In 2011, they introduce and analyze a new version of the platform in 8house as part of their master studies at ITU. The platform becomes very popular among the residents who name it "8book", and Mads and Asger decide to realize the project for other homes associations in a startup.
Our Goal
We've three goals by digitalizing your homes association:
Improve the communication
Support neighborliness
Contribute to the sharing economy
When we digitalize your homes association it gives some opportunities apart from more effortless communication. We see a bright potential in suporting neighborliness and the sharing economy. Both are concepts known from old times. However, they can get a completely new life with the opportunities new technology provides.
Improve the Communication
Digital communication saves paper and hassles making it easy to be in touch. It provides the possibility to easily distribute information and to communicate about the things that matter. Good information is good service. It is also easier to organize setting up new initiatives when you can be in touch getting feedback quickly.
Support Neighborliness
Neighborliness have declined in modern times. We're no longer dependent on each other like we were in the agricultural society. However, many of the benefits of good bonds between neighbors remain. Some simple elements, like being able to get in touch and know about each other, can increase trust and peace of mind among neighbors. Neighborliness is good for the quality of life.
Contribute to the Sharing Economy
Sharing economy is about utilizing resources and values better by sharing them. In many homes associations this is already done e.g. through a shared space for gatherings bookable by residents. We want to be part of making sharing things easier.
What Does Borigo Mean?
Borigo is a contraction of the two words ‘bo’ and ‘origo’. In the language of Danish, to 'bo' is to live somewhere. ‘Origo’ is the center point to which all other points refer to. So the name is to support the platform, centered around where you and your neighbors live.
How Is It Pronounced?
As Borigo has its roots in the word ‘origo’, it's pronounced like ‘origo’ with the weight on the first syllable, simply with a ‘b’ in front, [‘bor·i·go].