Privacy Policy
This policy covers the cases where Borigo is the data controller, which is the case either for visits to our public website or for the creation of an association account in Borigo.
If you are a user on Borigo in your association, Borigo is only the data processsor, while your association is the data controller (and our Terms of Use of Borigo apply).
Our Company and Contact Information
℅ Heynabo! ApS
Zeus Boulevard 16
2650 Hvidovre

CVR-nr. DK-40774254
Your Personal Information
We distinguish between:
  1. Visitors to our public website
  2. Customers who have an association account in Borigo
2.1 Information About Visitors
If you want, you may sign up to receive information about Borigo. In this case, we collect the following personal information and your consent to the use from you:
  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Association
You can withdraw your consent at any time either by contacting us or following the instructions in the material we send to you.
We store your information for up to 2 month after you have declined receiving further information about Borigo from us.
We use cookies with the purpose of understanding how our public website works with the intention of optimizing it, so that visitors get the information they need and that the right people are encouraged to sign up for an association account in Borigo. We use Plausible who are focused on keeping your privacy.
2.2 Information About Customers
To be able to create your association in Borigo, to make an agreement between us and to bill you, if you e.g. choose a subscription, we collect the following information needed from you as the representative of your association, possibly supplemented with data from a national business registry:
  • Name of the association
  • Business/Organization registry number
  • Address of the association
  • Email address of the association
  • Further billing information (e.g. EAN) of the association
  • The representative(s) of the association:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Relation to the association (e.g. chairman of the board or administrator)
    • If resident: Address
    • If resident: Relation (owner/tenant)
The information is stored within Borigo and billing is handled by the accounting system Billy, which stores the required billing information, including the representative's personal information (as a norm simply name and email address). We and Billy use data sub-processors in third countries outside the EU (in USA) that ensure a sufficient level of processing security of personal information in accordance with the Privacy Shield scheme or by the use of standard contracts by the EU Commission.
We store the personal information of the representative as long as you have an association account in Borigo and up to 4 months after your termination of your account. If we have billed you, we store the personal information for a minimum of 5 years in order to live up to accounting law of Denmark.
Your Rights
You have the following rights:
  1. You have the right to request access, rectification and erasure of your personal information
  2. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information and to have the proccessing restricted
  3. In particular, you have the unconditional right to deny the processing of your personal information for the use of direct marketing
  4. If the processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time (your withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legality of the processing previous to the withdrawal)
  5. You have the right to receive the personal information you have given in a structured, normal and computer-readable format (data portability)
  6. You can always file a complaint to the Data Proctection Agency (Datatilsynet) if your are unsatisfied with the way we process your personal information (
You can make use of your rights by contacting us.
The End
If you have any questions to our privacy policy, you are welcome to contact us.
The latest updates:
  • Copenhagen, November 18, 2019 (website analytics substituted by privacy-oriented one)
  • Copenhagen, May 24, 2018